Here are a few 가상축구 pleasant discoveries from the 2009 virtual soccer


Season so far. Even though the season 가상축구 패턴 has only been underway for two weeks, many players are already going above and beyond the expectations that have been placed on them.

Mario Manningham, New York Giants wide receiver. Everybody was wondering what would happen to the Giants’ receivers. The Giants opened the season without their two long-time top receivers in Plaxico Burress and Amani Toomer. Mario Manningham has been one of the biggest shocks in virtual soccer this year, and he could be the biggest surprise.

However, Manningham has performed admirably. Manningham has 208 yards and two 토토사이트 touchdowns over the first two games. Manningham’s breakout has made it evident that the Giants are in solid hands so far

The Buffalo Bills’ Fred Jackson is a running back. What a way to start the season with two wins! While just playing two games, Fred Jackson already has the greatest rushing total in the NFL with 220 rushing yards and 108 receiving yards (plus a touchdown), making him one of the biggest virtual soccer surprises of the 2009 season thus far.

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My virtual 가상축구 보기 soccer Team for Euro 2012

I know I promised to show you my team in this article last time, but I’m still undecided about my final choices, so I’ll go one better and give you two teams instead. When it comes to choosing between a well-balanced team and one that relies heavily on a handful of superstars, I’m having a hard time deciding.

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Take a closer look at 가상축구 패턴 this well-balanced squad now:

Ilya Repin – United States

Puyol is a Spaniard.

DF He is German.

PDF Cahill – Great Britain.

FC Nigel De Jong of the Netherlands

Manchester City midfielder Frank Lampard

The Russian MF Shirokov

MF Sneijder of the Netherlands,

France’s FW Benzema is the player to watch.

Spain’s FW Silva

The German, F.W. Muller

On the surface, I think it’s a great idea. That was my favored route because it 가상축구 배팅 results in a well-balanced team made up solely of players from those countries (plus a few others I didn’t include). Van Persie, Ronaldo, and the like might pose an issue if they start scoring goals at a high rate. This is how I ended up with my next group of friends…

Spain’s GK – Casillas.

England’s DF Cahill

In Germany, Lahm (DF) is in charge.

DF – Russia – Ignashevich

Iniesta – Spain MF – Iniesta.

MF – Van Bommel, the Netherlands

In the French language, MF stands for M’Villa.

VN: Dzagoev’s the Soviet Union

The Netherlands’ FW – Van Persie

FC Porto’s FW Christiano Ronaldo

Francesca “Freddy” Jelavic

It’s not skewed in any way, but I had to omit several of my favorites to put the two major names at the top. My head believes the first team is the only way to go, but my heart says the second team’s forwards are the best. Of course, the math doesn’t work if you need to “demote” three or four other players to bring in one exceptional player. Since Germany faces the more difficult Netherlands and Portugal faces Denmark, you should keep an eye on your initial transfer. I’m currently preparing to swap Ronaldo for Muller on the second Matchday.

The enablers appear on both teams in some capacity. These are the players who should be in your lineup yet cost no more than four points, allowing you to spend more on other areas of the team.

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These are the 가상축구 결과보는곳 ones I’ve selected:

Athens (Greece) and Karnezis

  1. Olsson, of Sweden, is a DF

Danish Football Federation (DF)

Ireland – Andrews, MF

But I believe my choices, which include Polish director Polanski, Swedish director M Olsson, and Danish director Zimling, are among the best available.

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Is There a Virtual Soccer Advantage 가상축구 구간 for Home Teams Coming Off a Bye Week?

When it comes to virtual soccer, it’s easy to focus on the drawbacks of the bye week. But what if there was a major upside? It is feasible that players who have had a week off can perform better than they normally would. This article examines whether or not starting players returning from a bye week who are playing at home have a significant advantage.

The rationale behind this is that players will perform better if they have more time to recover and enjoy the conveniences of playing at home. From the 2008 season, we looked at a group of starter-worthy players and compared their post-bye week performance to that of the season as a whole. Let’s take a closer look at the primary skillsets that emerged from the study.

316 yards per game were the average for quarterbacks coming off a bye and playing at home. That was merely an increase of 42 yards from the average weekly performance of the quarterbacks in the group. The 316 yards per game average is 가상축구 사이트 more important than the extra virtual soccer point (assuming 40 throwing yards=1 pt). There is almost a no better way to ensure big yardage than to start a quarterback fresh off the bye at home. The situation appears to reduce the likelihood of poor performance. Another evidence of above-average play is the fact that these quarterbacks averaged close to two touchdowns each game.

It was shown that running backs returning from a bye and playing at home averaged 77 yards per game, 20 yards more than the seasonal average of the other running backs. This equates to an extra 2 virtual  points on average (assuming 10 yards are equal to 1 virtual point). We’re not convinced by these figures, but it appears that a running back may put up respectable numbers when the home team is coming off a bye week. De 온라인바카라사이트추천 spite the small increase in rushing yards, running 토토 가상축구 backs in the sample did not produce more touchdowns than they did previously. In the end, it’s all about the matchups at running back. A post-bye week running back for a home team could be bumped up slightly if the match-up is right.

After a bye week and playing at home, wide receivers averaged 104 yards per game. The average weekly production of the sample was 61 yards per game, which is 42 yards more than this.

Assuming an average of 10 yards every play, it corresponds to an additional 4 virtual soccer points per game. Aside from that fact, the 104-yard average indicates that your best receivers will perform above their average when they return from the bye week. The average number of touchdowns scored by wide receivers was up somewhat from their seasonal average, which we take as further proof that WRs benefit from being used against a home team coming off a bye week.

According to this research, the passing game appears to benefit the most from the extra week of rest and the home-field advantage in this matchup. The quarterback and wide receiver have impressive stats to back them up.

It appears that running backs don’t profit as much from the situation, and we wouldn’t propose greatly increasing their worth in the home team post-bye scenario. To sum it up, we believe we’ve found something worthwhile. Players that are returning from a bye week and are playing at home can benefit from a little advantage.